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In the EFFORT project, we consider stakeholders to be persons or organizations with an interest in antimicrobials and antimicrobial resistance. This includes a broad range of perspectives from academia/research, consumers organizations, decision makers, funding bodies, international organizations (WHO, FAO, OECD, ECDC, OIE), industry/producers, non-government organisations, policy makers, professional associations, small & medium enterprises, umbrella organizations (e.g. farmers, producers), veterinarians…and many other.
According to our dissemination plan, and with the contribution of the consortium members, we have already identified more than 300 European stakeholders from all the different categories mentioned above. They are and will be invited to engage in different dissemination activities like the LinkedIn group, training, newsletter distribution or the policy round tables.
We find it critical to engage the different stakeholders right from the beginning of the project, to significantly increase the chances that our project produces meaningful and useful outputs, that will effectively benefit European citizens, animals and industry.
If interested in any further information or in being part of our stakeholders’ database, please do not hesitate to contact us at