Co-funded by
the European Union


The EFFORT project has the following main objectives:

Understanding the epidemiology of antimicrobial resistance in the food chain

  • Level of antimicrobial resistance
  • Risk factors
  • Conditions that may limit the spread of antimicrobial resistance
  • Epidemiological consequences of intervention strategies

Understanding the ecology of antimicrobial resistance in the microbial communities

  • Presence of resistance genes
  • Food-chain parameters that influence bacterial fitness and the rate of genetic exchange between bacteria;
  • Ecological consequences of intervention strategies
  • Evaluation the current surveillance systems

Understanding the relative contribution of the exposure routes of antimicrobial resistance from animals to humans

  • Exposure of the general population
  • Exposure of people working with food animals or meat.
  • Intervention strategies on human exposure.

Understanding the economic impact and animal welfare aspects of antimicrobial resistance in the food chain

  • Impact on animal health and welfare;
  • Economic impact of specific measures aimed at reducing emergence, spread and transmission of antimicrobial resistance;
  • Prioritization of intervention strategies