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The July EFFORT Newsletter: Now Online!

The July EFFORT Newsletter: Now Online!

The sixth issue of the EFFORT newsletter has been released. Read or download it directly from the download section !

As already announced, the work of 2 PhD Students has been brought forward in this edition :

  • Marta Rozwandowicz, Utrecht University , working on the transfer of resistance mechanisms,
  • Patrick Munk, Technical University of Denmark, focusing his research on metagenomics analysis.

Both have already published results on their respective project research.

We have also highlighted in this issue the EFFORT scientific session made by Jorge Pinto Ferreira from SAFOSO AG, CH, on May 4th 2017, in Rotorua, New Zealand, during the 3rd International Conference on Animal Health Surveillance (ICAHS).

Jorge presented the objectives and preliminary results of the WP7 modelling work led by DTU, DK.

Lastly, we wanted to address our special thanks to the whole consortium for their intensive work published in different public deliverables.

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