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Project Final Report and Deliverables

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EFFORT International Conference: How to control antimicrobial resistance in the food chain: Thank you!

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News & Events

Project Final Report and Deliverables

Project Final Report and Deliverables

The EFFORT Project ended 30 November 2018. All deliverables including the final report have been submitted and accepted by the European Commission.

Please find in the following link the Final Report which will give you the description of the project main results and foregrounds.

You will also be able to find all the public deliverables in the publication section at the following link. The most recent ones have been uploaded on 11/06/2019, amongst them:

  •  D2.2 - Sequences of resistance genes and mobile elements identified in indicator E. coli isolates
  •  D2.5 - Antimicrobial resistance gene profiles identified in the metagenomic sequence data
  •  D3.4 - Intervention strategies that influence horizontal gene transfer and stability of antimicrobial resistance genes in the food chain
  •  D4.2 - Quantification of the relationship between human, animal and environmental resistance patterns and determinants in two sentinel  occupational populations (pig and poultry)
  •  D5.4 - Position Paper on Surveillance of Microbial Resistance on the Basis of (meta-)Genomic Approaches


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