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EFFORT Video Interview Nr6!

EFFORT Video Interview Nr6!

In the perspective of the next newsletter edition, the EFFORT consortium has provided a video interview on the theme of AMU, AMR and biosecurity links at farm level.


EFFORT Members, Post-doc Steven Sarrazin and PhD student Philip Joosten, from the Veterinary Epidemiology Unit of Ghent University, Belgium, explain aims and findings of their research at the triangle of antimicrobial use (AMU), antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and biosecurity. Their study in the frame of EFFORT focuses on the analysis of AMU in farm animals and AMR trends as well as the linkage between biosecurity measures and AMR. In the presentation, S. Sarrazin and P. Joosten provide an overview of AMU trends in different species and striking average numbers of total treatment time during the life course of several farm animal species. Furthermore, they shed light on the negative association between biosecurity and AMR and the positive association between AMU and AMR.

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