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EFFORT risk-assessment preliminary results presented at ICAHS

EFFORT risk-assessment preliminary results presented at ICAHS

Location: | Duration: 5 days

Jorge Pinto Ferreira (SAFOSO AG, CH), on behalf of the EFFORT consortium, presented the objectives and preliminary results of the WP7 modelling work (lead by DTU, DK), on May 4th2017, in Rotorua, New Zealand, during the  3rd International Conference on Animal Health Surveillance (ICAHS).

The overall goal of this work is to develop models that estimate the relative importance of different food and animal transmission routes for human exposure to AMR determinants in the overall population and in those with occupational exposure. This information can later be used by risk managers, who can translate it into surveillance policies.

An initial framework was designed for the purpose of collection of relevant information from the literature. This information is to be further used to develop a comparative exposure assessment that will accommodate the EFFORT qPCR data from meat sampling, to estimate the human exposure to AMR by consumption of different foods.  

The metagenomic data collected at the farm level (from pooled stool samples), has been used in a classification machine learning model, for now with the goal of differentiating poultry and pig samples. The preliminary results presented for the first time at ICAHS are very promising, which triggered particular interest among the audience, composed mostly of academia and veterinary services representatives. In the near future, the goal is that this model will be able to predict the animal source of resistance genes present in a human resistome.

Stay tuned for the upcoming results!

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