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EFFORT at the Plasmid Biology Conference in Seattle (USA)

EFFORT at the Plasmid Biology Conference in Seattle (USA)

Location: Seattle, USA | Duration: 6 days

EFFORT Representative, Marta Rozwandowicz, from the University of Utrecht, will be presenting a poster at the Plasmid Biology Conference in Seattle (USA) early August about her research on IncK plasmids.

The conference taking place from 5 to 10 August 2018 is the biennial International Symposium of the International Society for Plasmid Biology and other Mobile Genetic Elements (ISPB). Meeting topics will cover several areas relating to plasmids and mobile genetic elements (MGEs), including replication and maintenance, horizontal transfer, genomics and systems biology, synthetic biology, industrial, agricultural and medical biotechnology, evolution, ecology, epidemiology, and the role of plasmids/MGEs in bacterial pathogenesis.

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