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EFFORT at EAAE PhD Workshop

EFFORT at EAAE PhD Workshop

Location: Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain | Duration: 3 days

In the current context, the 7th EAAE PhD Workshop aimed at offering to the future agro-food and natural resource economists a space for debate, discussion and knowledge exchange on topics related to food markets future challenges. As in previous workshops, PhD students had also the opportunity to interact with senior economists about their research progresses.

PhD participants benefited from 3 Plenary Sessions in which keynote speakers from different sectors of the civil society (academic institutions, international institutions and the private sector) shared their views on what are, from their particular perspective, the required skills for future economists to success in the agro-food, environmental and development economic domains.

Finally, two additional Plenary Sessions were addressed to the Giovanni Anania Lecture and to traditional topic on how to publish in Agricultural, Food and Natural Resources Economics.

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