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ECVPH 2016 Annual Scientific Conference

ECVPH 2016 Annual Scientific Conference

Location: Uppsala, Sweden | Duration: 3 days

 In September 2016, the EFFORT consortium partners Jorge Pinto Ferreira  from SAFOSO (Switzerland) and Jeroen Dewulf  from Ghent University (Belgium) ran a workshop in Uppsala (Sweden).  This was part of the annual scientific conference and annual general meeting of the European College of Veterinary Public Health meeting, „Challenges for the world – opportunities for VPH“

The EFFORT workshop entitled “Quantifying antimicrobial usage: challenges and solutions” had the objectives to  exchange and critically discuss the current state-of-the-art in approaches to the monitoring and quantification of antimicrobial usage in animals. It took into account the different objectives of data collection from the evaluation of national trends to linking of usage data to resistance. It permitted to exchange experience and build capacity to develop roadmaps suitable for participants’ needs.

 Thank you again to the 45 participants who actively attended our EFFORT workshop.


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