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3rd EFFORT Annual Meeting, 10-11 January 2017

3rd EFFORT Annual Meeting, 10-11 January 2017

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria | Duration: 2 days

The EFFORT annual meeting was held this year in Sofia, Bulgaria. The meeting was extremely well attended despite the cold temperature (between -20°C and -12°C). The project partners spent 2 days in intense discussions regarding the projects progress and their preliminary data analysis results.

Much appreciated was the presence of several members from the External Advisory Board and one representative of the EU who could give the consortium some useful tips on their ongoing and upcoming work.

The next annual meeting is proposed to be hosted in Brussels, most probably the second week of January 2018.....


The EFFORT Group Photo in Sofia, Bulgaria

 (For your information, on 18/01/2017, there were more than 534 views on the LinkedIn update about the Sofia Meeting)



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