Co-funded by
the European Union

External advisory board

The EFFORT consortium is committed to perform research that is scientifically and ethically sound. For this purpose, the EFFORT project have appointed an international External Advisory Board to monitor the scientific and societal relevance of the project, to maintain a link with stakeholders (producers, veterinary professionals, consumers), and to ensure that the highest standards are met. The External Advisory Board will advise the EFFORT project in terms of work programme, scientific quality and project strategy.

The members, chosen for their outstanding contribution to the field across the spectrum of issues to be covered by the project and the organisations they represent, are:

  • Awa Aidara-Kane (WHO)
  • Hilde Kruse (WHO-EURO)
  • H. Morgan Scott (Texas A&M University)
  • Jan Vaarten (FVE)
  • Elisabeth Erlacher-Vindel (OIE)
  • Patrick McDermott (FDA)
  • Ernesto Liebana (EFSA)

After graduation from the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Utrecht (NL) Jan Vaarten started his career as a veterinary practitioner in a mixed practice. He then joined the pharmaceutical industry where he worked on the development of animal vaccines. After 11 years, he left the industry to become veterinary policy officer at the Royal Netherlands Veterinary Association. From there he went to the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture where he worked on the prevention and control of zoonotic diseases. Since 2003 Jan Vaarten is Executive Director of the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE), a federation of 46 veterinary organisations in 38 European countries, including all EU member countries. In 2010, Jan Vaarten was appointed Executive Secretary of the World Veterinary Association.

Dr Elisabeth Erlacher-Vindel graduated from the Veterinary University, Vienna, Austria. She was first employed and obtained her Doctor’s Degree in the Institute of Breeding and Genetics (Vienna, Austria) and later worked in Paris in the Institut Pasteur.  
After having worked as a field veterinarian in different countries, she joined the French professional dairy organisation, where she became Head of the Food Safety and Environment Unit and Deputy Director of the Scientific Department. She dealt with research and provided advice and expertise in the field of animal health, food safety, veterinary drugs and environmental issues.
She joined the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) in 2008 and is currently Deputy Head of the Scientific and Technical Department.
Dr Erlacher-Vindel is OIE technical focal point on tripartite (FAO/OIE/WHO ) activities on antimicrobial resistance.

Dr. H. Morgan Scott is a graduate veterinarian holding a PhD in epidemiology and post-doctoral training in public health. In addition to private veterinary practice, he has worked in both government (food safety surveillance) and academic settings. He is currently professor of epidemiology in the Department of Veterinary Pathobiology at Texas A&M University, working under the university Initiative on One Health and Infectious Diseases. Much of his research emphasis has been on studying factors impacting antimicrobial resistance among commensal and pathogenic enteric bacteria in food animal production systems, with a program spanning the realm from the molecular to the sociological. In particular, he is interested in applying both epidemiological and ecological approaches to quantify the emergence, propagation, dissemination, and persistence of resistant enteric bacterial strains in integrated populations of animals, their food products, and humans.