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VION Food Group is a global food company that produces high-quality foodstuffs. VION is not a listed company and has one indirect shareholder, NCB Ontwikkeling, which is closely affiliated with the Zuidelijke Land- en Tuin- bouworganisatie (ZLTO). ZLTO is an association of entrepreneurs with an agricultural background.
The product portfolio of the core activity VION Food comprises fresh pork, beef, and derived convenience food products. These products are brought to consumers via the retail, industrial and ‘out of home’ markets. VION Food’s activities add value to the entire supply chain. Delivering this added value goes hand in hand with demand and with consumer needs and requirements.

Personnel Involved

Dr Lourens Heres, Manager Research and Development. Veterinarian. Specialist in Veterinary Public Health. Background in epidemiology of food borne diseases, like Salmonella and BSE. After 8 years in research he 6 years ago joined VION. Here he is responsible for execution and coordination of research projects within VION Food Group in the Netherlands and Germany, with an emphasis on food safety. In this role he is project leader of several food safety projects and supervises PhD-students that are affiliated at VION.