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PorQ is an independent veterinary consultancy focused on Porcine Herd Health Management. PorQ was founded in 2007 to bring science into practice. Manon Houben is a veterinarian with more than 15 years practical knowledge and experience on pig health. She is an experienced private pig vet, but she also worked as teacher and trainer for students of the veterinary faculty of Utrecht University. As director and owner of PorQ, Manon Houben participated in projects like “feasibility of antibiotic free pork production”, “Dutch regional PRRS control program”.
Her fields of expertise are: Biosecurity, Herd Health Management, Eradication of infections, LA-MRSA, Milk production and udder quality.

Personnel Involved

Manon Houben, DVM, Director. Advises and coaches pig-farmers on improving herd health management and reducing antibiotic usage. Manon Houben is also an expert-coach in a project for “antibiotic free pork-production”. In addition, she is coach within the Dutch PRRS-project, that aims to eradicate PRRS.