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The National Veterinary Research Institute was established in 1945 as a scientific unit of the Ministry of Agriculture. The major mission of the Institute is applied research in veterinary medicine, particularly concentrating on the diagnosis and prophylaxis of infectious diseases of animals, hygiene and toxicology of food of animal origin and feeds, protection of the environment, and development of the production technology of veterinary biologicals and diagnostic kits.
Additionally, the Institute runs postgraduate training and professional specialisation, evaluates the quality of biologicals, participates in drug and vaccine licence process, and provides the expertise and consultancy service for the veterinary administration. The Institute acts as the National Reference Laboratory responsible for the diagnosis of infectious diseases of animals, surveillance of epidemiological situation in the country, and monitoring of xenobiotics in food of animal origin and feeding stuffs.

Personnel Involved

Dariusz Wasyl, DVM, PhD, is a senior scientist at the Department of Microbiology with experience in Salmonella diagnostics and antimicrobial resistance in Salmonella and indicator E. coli. His research interests and skills concerning epidemiology, antibiotic susceptibility testing and development and spread of resistance mechanisms have been developed and applied in FP and COST Action projects (i.e. ARBAO-II, Cost 920, PulseNet Europe), as well as EFSA Working Groups on monitoring of zoonoses and harmonization of antimicrobial resistance monitoring.