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EFFORT International Conference: How to control antimicrobial resistance in the food chain: Thank you!

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Intomics is a contract research organization specialized in deriving core biological insights from analysis and integration of large-scale biomedical data. Through the use of our world-leading expertise, unique data sets, and our systems biology platform, we help our clients make the most out of their data. Based on our services and extensive experience with big data mining of a broad range of high-throughput data types, such as NGS data, transcriptomics, proteomics, network biology and literature, we have helped clients make key discoveries in target identification, biomarker projects, precision medicine, knowledge discovery, and translational research.

Personnel Involved

Rasmus Wernersson, Head of Informatics:  Assoc. Prof. Rasmus Wernersson has a background as molecular biologists and software engineer, and has been involved in many projects working with IT infrastructure development and NGS data, including the sequencing of the pig genome.