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The Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung (BFR) is a scientifically oriented and independent superior federal authority reporting to the Federal Ministry of Consumer Protection, Food and Agriculture. Sixteen National Reference Laboratories (NRLs), including the NRL-Antimicrobial Resistance (NRL-AR), NRL-Salmonella (NRL-Salm), and NRL-E.coli are part of the Institute. NRLs-strain collections are available. One of the main activities of the NRL-AR and at the Unit of Antimicrobial Resistance, is the molecular characterization of resistance (i.e. Salmonella, E. coli, MRSA) isolated from animals and foods. The BFR is well equipped with classical microbiology laboratories, modern molecular biology facilities, and facilities for animal experimentation (S2). It has the certification according to ISO:9001, and accreditation according to ISO17025:2000. The BFR scientists will have a main role in WP3, in both in “vitro” studies on the transfer of resistance (i.e. Salmonella), and “in vivo” experiments (poultry model). These scientists will also participate in WP2 (molecular epidemiology analyses and support in the Sequence analyses), and in WP3 (in vitro and in vivo transfer experiments).

Personnel Involved

Beatriz Guerra Román, PhD Senior scientist (Biologist). Responsible for the molecular characterization of antimicrobial resistance at the NRL-AR. WP-leader in national and international projects. Publications in international journals.
Istvan Szabo, Dr. Senior scientist of the NRL-Salm. Studied veterinary medicine and agricultural sciences. Over the last years he worked investigating different aspects of Salmonella and MRSA virulence and infection kinetic within short as well as long term animal experiment studies.
Burkhard Malorny, Dr. Senior scientist (Biochemist) of the NRL-Salm. He is responsible for the molecular diagnostic, typing and molecular epidemiology. WP-leader in national and international projects. Publications in international journals.
Reiner Helmuth, Dr. Head of the Unit for Antimicrobial resistance and the NRL-Salm. Expert on genetics and biology of DNA transfer mechanisms, antibiotic resistance and use of antimicrobial agents in animal husbandry. WP-leader in national and international projects.