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Created in 1987, ARTTIC is a European provider of management services, especially in the area of large international collaborative R&D projects. ARTTIC has several offices based in France, Belgium, Germany, UK and Israel. ARTTIC is an SME with a total workforce of about 60 people.

ARTTIC provides specific and practical help with all aspects of international R&D projects. Services include helping clients to establish project feasibility; finding international partners; establishing consortia; managing proposal development activities; helping negotiate contracts; taking charge of all management aspects of live projects and helping to disseminate and exploit successfully project results.

ARTTIC has a 20-year track record in management of international R&D collaboration projects in various scientific and technical domains. ARTTIC is currently involved in the management of more than 30 EU collaborative projects (medium and large Integrated Projects, Network of Excellences, Coordination and Support Actions, etc.) in FP7 and H2020.

In EFFORT, ARTTIC supports the project coordinator in the operational project management tasks and, in particular, is responsible for:

  • Provision of a web based collaborative tools: a secured web platform based on IBM Quickplace technology, hosting and maintenance of mailing lists, etc.
  • Producing periodic reports, documents and archiving all project related documents
  • Providing and updating a list of performance indicators to objectively assess the status of the project according to plans (deliverables, milestones, person-month and budget consumptions, planning, risk register, action lists, etc.)
  • Establishing and maintaining financial records
  • Assisting individual project partners on administrative issues
  • Providing the logistics support for General Assembly and Executive Board meetings
  • Assisting the Coordinator in the financial management with the collection of information from the partners, the consolidation of management reports, the monitoring of expenses against budget allocations, the consolidation of financial summary sheets, etc.

ARTTIC also participate in information dissemination and training activities (WP9) and the preparation of dissemination material.

Personnel Involved

Lena Tasse  (PhD) has been working on collaborative R&D projects for several years. After obtaining her degree in Microbiology at the University of Lund, Sweden, she moved to France where she worked both for private (ADISSEO) and public (INSA, INRA) research institutions.  She joined ARTTIC in 2012, where she has participated in the proposal and negotiation phase of both national French projects such as CORAC-GENOME  as well as international  programmes  (FP7, H2020).